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420WindyCity is a site dedicated to helping people define the ever-changing cannabis culture and its impact on our society. Being pro-cannabis as a matter of principle, we’ve become greatly concerned about how rapidly the “climate” for legalization is taking effect, while all the stigmas associated with cannabis remain firmly in place. What has changed in the cultural zeitgeist?

We want to show all sides objectively and we want you-the writer-to help us achieve this goal. We ask you to be bold, ask hard-hitting questions, provoke passion, be pro or anti. In short- be the informed voice of those you write for. We welcome everyone who feels they have something important to say, whether you’re pro or anti, a professional writer or a first-time submitter. If you’re an experienced Journalist, please be ready to supply examples of your work and/or a resume. Please take a look at our submission guidelines before submitting, in order to ensure your work reaches the right set of eyes.


In an effort to build solid relationships with our contributors, 420WindyCity Inc offers compensation packages of:

  • $25.00 for the first 1000 Social Media shares of any written work submitted for publication in  420WindyCity.com
  • 100% of original agreed upon payment for designs etc, If your work was used in material production, e.g. Mugs, T-Shirts etc. for every 1000 units sold.


Before you submit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have some connection to the topic that makes you an expert or a relevant party?
  • Have you thought your story/argument through? Can you anticipate any counter arguments?
  • Will your piece make it through the fact checking process?
  • Can you express the premise in a single sentence?


Submission Style Guide

420WindyCity will provide all writers with a byline. We believe its important to connect the writer with their audience. Please include your Social Media links and short Bio, no more than 50 words please, with Picture or Logo.


Target Audience

420WC Target Audience: Between the ages of 25 to 50, with a medium income of 45,000 – 75,000. Tech savvy, with an appreciation for culture, design and information. Education: Some College / College Graduate.


Original Content

We generally only seek original content. However, we may consider running a revised copy of an already published article on a case-by-case basis, depending on its subject matter and relevance. In any case, we want to know up front whether your submission has or will appear elsewhere.


Partial Exclusivity

420WindyCity requests all contributed articles / blogs posts remain exclusive to our site for at least three to five business days after the publishing date given. After this date they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites with a link back to the original article on 420WindyCity.com


Grammar and Spelling

Please proofread and apply proper grammar and spelling to your submission. Style, American English.


Controlled Vocabulary

Are there words we absolutely have to use AND explain? A particular concern here is words and phrases that mean a lot to the client and nothing to a reader. If needed, please keep the explanations brief.


Word Count

We will not impose hard word count prerequisites. Well thought-out articles and blog posts paint a picture within the first three sentences. Besides, have you ever counted how many words you just read? However, if having a word count helps you structure your writing, then we offer these simple guidelines:

Minimum, 600 – 900 words- a good length to discuss any new open source news or individual opinions on news items, i.e. product reviews.

Average, 900 – 1700 words- a great range for a more in-depth article, an investigative article, or premier interview.

Anything above 1700 words we request that you please consult our Editorial Team.

All articles must contain: relevant bibliographies (if applicable), contact information,and consent forms.


Lead & Inline Images

Any images accompanying your submission must contain either a reproduction license or appropriate release forms and credit.

We will add images to your story prior to publication if no images are supplied. If you’d like to be part of the approval process for the images we select (inline as well as lead images), please make your wishes clear when submitting your work.


Document Formats

We accept, .doc, .docx, and .pdf formats only please.


Review Process;

420WindyCity’s Editorial Team will review all submissions and get back to you with next steps. If an article or post needs further editing, Our Editorial staff or Editor will reach out to you promptly.

Note*All edits are the responsibility of the writer. No articles, posts or artwork will be published until 420WindyCity’s Editorial team approves final revisions.


Invoicing and Payment Terms

Payment Terms

Payment Terms are Net 30, for all Articles/Posts including all contracted work, providing 420WindyCity agrees to pay for any services in advance, include but are not limited to:

  • Journalist directly contracted by us.
  • Any Submissions via Submissions@420WindyCity.com
  • Any agreements/Requests made by 420WindyCity’s Editorial Team is subject to approval prior to any work orders/P.O.’s being issued, by Kimmi at, Kimmi@420WindyCity.com.

NET 30 Terms begin once Submissions are Approved to Publish, by 420WindyCity Inc.

*NOTE; 420WindyCity Inc. reserves the right to pay creatives 30 days after publishing the aforementioned project, including but not limited to Articles, Post, and Artwork.

All invoicing is to be sent to Billing@420WindyCity.com attn: Kimmi Martino.



Submissions & Information

All submissions are to be made via email only at: Submissions@420WindyCity.com

To contact our Editorial Team please email your queries to: Editorialteam@420WindyCity.com

Contact our Editor in Chief, Jordan J. Michael: JordanM@420WindyCity.com

Any Billing questions please contact Kimmi Martino: Kimmi@420WindyCity.com

Business quires, contact Ernie Diaz, Founder: Ernied@420WindyCity.com

All other queries to : 420WC@420WindyCity.com


We look forward to working with you.

The 420WC Team

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Thank you for your interest in 420WC!

We welcome everyone who feels they have something important to say, whether you’re Pro or Anti-Cannabis, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest

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